Fox News host Tucker Carlson tore into civil rights spokesperson Al Sharpton for his history of supporting liars, in light of the now doubtful story of the “Empire” actor who was supposedly attacked in a racist and homophobic attack.

“In 1987, Al Sharpton introduced the media to a young woman called Tawana Brawley. Brawley had an awful to story to tell. He said she had been viciously attacked by a group of racist white men and left in a garbage bag. She was covered in feces with racial slurs scrawled on her body,” Carlson began.

“The Brawley case dominated headlines across the country for more than a year, and it bitterly divided New York City along ethnic lines. People hated each other because of what Tawana Brawley said happened to her.”

“But it was all a lie,” he continued. “After conducting hundreds of interviews, a grand jury declared the entire story fraudulent, none of it actually happened. Brawley fled the state, a judge ordered Al Sharpton to pay for damages for accusing innocent men of rape. That should’ve been the end of Al Sharpton’s career, yet just the opposite happened.”

“Before he promoted Tawana Brawley’s lies, Sharpton was best known as a small town hustler, an FBI’s informant from Brooklyn, a man who’d once been James Brown’s road manager.

“After he perpetuated the single most destructive racial hoax in memory, Al Sharpton got a promotion. He became a world-famous civil rights leader. He ran for president. He became a policy adviser to Barack Obama,” Carlson added.

“According to visitor logs, Al Sharpton was invited to the Obama White House more than 80 times. He got his own show on MSNBC, which he still has. Sharpton has never apologized or even acknowledge the harm he did to this country by lying about Tawana Brawley. No one has forced him to.

“The lesson of Al Sharpton was clear to everyone watching: There are no penalties for hate hoaxes, there are only rewards.”

Sharpton was quick to speak out in support of the black actor who claimed to have been attacked, doused in bleach and had a noose tied around his neck while having racist slurs spewed at him. Sharpton demanded that those who perpetrated this crime be held accountable.

Since the Chicago PD appears to be changing their story and eluding to the possibility that the actor could have stated the attack, Sharpton is now calling for the actor to be punished.