The head of Saudi intelligence and later as the Saudi ambassador to the United States Bandar bin Sultan had harsh criticism for former President Barack Obama, even going so far as to say the former president told a lie according to Fox News.

According to Sultan, Obama lied when he said his administration would retaliate if Syria used chemical weapons. The former ambassador said that Obama “would promise something and do the opposite” which set the middle east back 20 years, in Sultan’s opinion.

“These policies by Obama, he said, emboldened Russia and Iran and paved the way for them to enter Syria and interfere in the civil war that has raged there since 2011,” The Jerusalem Post reported.

“Such moves in the region only emboldened Russia and Iran to spread their influence and led them to enter Syria and interfere in the civil war with horrific results,” Fox News reported.

The former diplomat isn’t the only person calling out the former president for what are believed to be a number of lies, however.

Newly appointed chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee Lindsey Graham has promised to dig into Obama’s past and use his newfound power to help with the task.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Republican Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina has made a decision to look into Obama administration era scandals.

Those scandals include the FBI’s investigation into the Hillary Clinton email scandal, and the FISA warrant applications that targeted Trump campaign aide Carter Page, The Hill reported.

Democratic Senator Dick Durban of Illinois questioned Graham’s plans, and compared it to the “thrilling days of yesteryear.”

“This is going to be like the History Channel it turns out. Instead of taking a look at the current issues, Lindsey Graham wants to go back and answer important questions about the Bermuda Triangle and Hillary Clinton,” Durbin told The Hill.

Durbin stated that he is “concerned” about Graham’s plans but that “you know there is that question about Jimmy Carter which he probably wants to ask.”