It’s Happening! Amputee Vet Announces “Billionaires For The Wall,”

Airman Brian Kolfage, the veteran who lost both of his legs & an arm in the Iraq War, has raised nearly $20 million for the border wall, and things are about to explode as lawyers are wrapping up the legal end of the campaign to begin construction.

Kolfage announced yesterday that attorneys are working on the wall fund campaign & that once they are done, the “wall team” will be revealed. Airman Kolfage stated:

“Getting lots of messages about when the big announcement is coming. Hang tight, its HUGE and I’m at the mercy of lawyers who are finalizing things. We have the backing like you’ve never seen before. It’s Happening guys, we are building that BIG CONCRETE WALL!”

I’ve seen the list of people who are backing Airman Kolfage in his effort to get the wall built, and there are some very influential names on it. Names you will immediately recognize. There are some extremely wealthy people backing Airman Kolfage, also.

Today he announced, “billionaires” for the wall, with a hint that some of the wealthiest people are on board. Airman Kolfage posted this to his Twitter account:

“So how many billionaires will it take for us to get the wall completed? When we release our plan you will find out that answer!”

I chatted with Airman Kolfage earlier today & he told me that he & the team are extremely busy, and they are very close to announcing the all-star team that will make the wall a reality. Those on the team include high-level political powerbrokers, titans of industry, and conservatives who work in Hollywood, including one name you will know from the over 100 movies & TV series he has been in.

Just the other day, a person donated 2000 billboards to advertise the wall fund campaign across the southern states.

That’s just a glimpse of how big the wall campaign is about to get. Airman Kolfage has been burning the midnight oil for weeks, sometimes sleeping only 4 hours a night as he made two trips to the nation’s capital to work with elected officials and political strategists on the plan to construct the wall.

While Kolfage was in DC last week, he visited Nancy Pelosi’s office to collect the $1 she offered to construct Trump’s wall.

Some on the left, especially those in Hollywood, have mocked Airman Kolfage’s effort, insinuating that it’s racist and that he should be helping vets or government employees who are affected by the government shutdown. Actress Alyssa Milano, failed comedian Jimmy Kimmel, and George Takei, the actor who played Lieutenant Sulu on the original Star Trek TV series, are a few of those on the left who have come after Brian.

Despite the attacks from the left, Kolfage’s campaign to build the wall has kept growing at a record pace thanks to hundreds of thousands of patriotic Americans. The campaign became the second-most donated to on GoFundMe for 2018 in under two weeks. Everyone who’s anyone knows about the campaign, and it will become even more massive very soon. The left will be melting down when they realize that there is nothing they can do to stop Airman Kolfage or the rockstar team that is behind him.

I’ve known Airman Kolfage for years, and when he sets out to do something he does it, and in a major way. Hope you’re ready! It’s going to be a kick-ass ride!

Thank you Airman Kolfage, for working to keep Americans Safe!